🟠#6 It is all about Community Engagement

One more episode of the ConnectDots Podcast, this time with the winner of the CMX Community Industry Awards, Andreia Tulcidás from OutSystems

Three years ago, Andreia did not know what community management was all about. Today, passion, energy and commitment are some of the words that best describes her.

Andreia Tulcidás is the Community Engagement Manager at OutSystems, a company focused on the low-code software market with a community represented by already 64 groups globally, reaching more than 5.000 members.  

Always full of energy and smilling, Andreia is a people-person who lives and breathes the golden rule, “by the community, for the community”, who just recently won the CMX Community Industry Awards for the best Virtual Events program.

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Did a Masters in Management (masters thesis on Luxury and Fashion) but ended up being recruted by Microsoft, before joining OutSystems (Cool journey, ahn?). A really inspiring person, who hates webinars and is always looking for the best strategies and ideas to engage the members of the community.

With this conversation, we will get to know more about managing online communities, engagement and retention, the “rule” of keeping things simple.

Learn more about the first days of the OutSystems community and its main verticals, why companies MUST invest on communities.

And, guess what, we got the chance to test Andreia’s music knowledge.

Let me tell you, she’s got talent.

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